Aaron Matthew Duff (aka Matty or Mattie or Maddie or Matt), was born in England and grew up in Germany, England, Italy, San Antonio, Baltimore Maryland, Roswell New Mexico (New Mexico Military Institute) and Alaska.  He became a Paramedic at the age of 25 and worked ambulances for about 5 years in the Pensacola panhandle area.  He became an RN in 2001.  

In 2006 he bought a 1978 37-foot Endeavour and started sailing back and forth to the Bahamas.  At that time, he and his girlfriend would work as Travel Nurses in Alaska and then fly back to Florida to take the boat back to the Bahamas for months of chill at a time.  They both became engulfed in the freediving sport soon after.  His deepest dive on a single breath of air is 148 feet.  He has coached new divers and taught spearfishing techniques. He guides spearfishermen and women, and dives with some of the top divers in the world.  He also captains vessels for freediving trips in the Bahamas.  He been back and forth to the Caribbean a dozen or more times occasionally single handing and towing a 17-foot skiff.  He now has a 50-ton master mate with sailing and towing endorsements. 

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