Row, row, row your boat...

I was so proud of my new Yamaha, I took it for a ride yesterday. Well halfway across the river it sputtered and died. I tweaked my shoulder a few days ago and rowing while not painful, wasn't fun. Since I have an unlimited towing service with Towboatus, I gave them a call. They towed me back to the dock. This morning I rowed next door to Central Marine and they diagnosed my problem. Evidently the guys who rehabbed my Suzuki thought I put new gas in the tank and I though they did. They cleaned out the motor as best they could but recommended I run a half gallon of gas with ethanol in it to help clean out the innards. To do that, I needed to find a place to dispose of the old gas. Someone mentioned an auto parts store, but they don't take it. I called a marina and they recommended Jiffy Lube. Sure enough they took it. The dealer recommend I was the old tank with denatured alcohol. I was stopping by the drug store to pick up some medication so I asked there. No they didn't carry it. I stopped into the liquor store next door thinking they would cary grain alcohol, but they didn't either. They did suggest I try a hardware store and bingo, Ace had it. Tonight, I'll try that and see if it works. Keep your fingers crossed.

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