Sailing to the mini sandbar

Local sandbars are favorite destinations for charterers with Stuart Sailing Charters. What I call the mini sandbar is at the end of Sewall’s Point across from the mouth of the Manatee Pocket . It is about an hour’s sail from The Harborage Yacht Club and Marina where we pick up charter guests. Along the way you can enjoy looking at the stately waterfront mansions on Rio and Sewall’s Point and wave to boaters that pass by along the way.

This sandbar is a small area much less crowded than the Stuart Sandbar, another 45 minutes away. We anchor close to the sandbar and take you in the rigid inflatable dinghy a short way to the sandbar. If you are a strong swimmer, you can swim across the current to the sandbar and then walk up stream to explore and beach comb before swimming back to the boat. Shore birds, shells, fish, dolphins, and turtles are sometimes seen. There are a few mangrove bushes and small palm trees so it has the feel of a deserted desert island since only a few boats venture there. Yet it is in site of the shore. Many large and small boats zoom by on their way to and from the St. Lucie Inlet and the larger Stuart Sandbar but the bar blocks their wakes making it calm and protected. On an incoming tide, the water is clear enough to snorkel.

Before or after a refreshing swim, you can rest, sun, snack, have lunch, listen to your favorite tunes, nap, or just sit and enjoy the view before heading back to the dock. Although you can stay all day if you want, a 3 to 4 hour charter will allow plenty of time to enjoy all this venue has to offer. We charge $100 per hour for for the cruise for any number of guests up to 6 so for $50 per person, 6 people can have a great time here. Call 913-645-8206 for more information or to book a trip.

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